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Texas Wilderness Drug Rehab Program

Texas Wilderness Drug Rehab Program

The great state of Texas is abundant with natural diversity and wilderness splendor, both of which are made evident and highlighted within our 40-acre campus. This beautiful and tranquil landscape is situated among placid lakes, winding streams and other picturesque wonders. Whether you live within the state, or beyond, come to us and discover peace and serenity, or come to us and experience exhilaration and resilience.

At The Treehouse, we have you covered. However you seek sobriety, you will leave feeling rejuvenated and more centered within your recovery. For those of you seeking a more rugged or unconventional path to recovery, we offer you or your loved one the dynamic and challenging Wilderness Program. Come discover what it is to be made new by the nurturing great outdoors.

Change Your Environment, Immerse Yourself In Nature

Sometimes within addiction and pursuit for sobriety, the hardest thing to contend with is the familiar, and many times detrimental, an environment that you’re accustomed to living within. Oftentimes this environment is one you, or your addiction, has worked to create—that is, your life—your peers, your social events and your routines, are steeped within drug-seeking or using behaviors. If anything, these things work towards encouraging, and not amending, your drug use.

It can be hard to fight for sobriety within this context. That’s why we offer an alternative route, not only to your day-to-day life but to conventional drug rehab programs. This is not to say that conventional programs don’t work, rather, that some people thrive better under a more diverse and alternative approach.

Texas Wilderness Drug Rehab Program Survival Skills

Beyond our acclaimed Adventure Program, we offer another exciting program that will get your pulse racing and increase your drive and focus on your recovery. Though similar, and encompassing many of the same aspects, our Wilderness Program offers you additional challenges that center around the self-sufficiency of learning basic survival skills, providing you with even more unique opportunities to build optimism, ambition, and coping tools.

Rebuilding What You Have Lost

As you fell deeper and deeper into addiction, chances are that you lost valuable parts of yourself and your life along the way. At The Treehouse, we understand this, but we’re here to tell you that hope is not lost. You can reclaim vital parts of your life while leaving behind the detrimental and damaging parts that were attributed to your drug or alcohol use.

An addiction can make you despondent—things that once gave you joy may seem far off, you might feel weak, powerless or unfulfilled. It doesn’t have to stay this way. Use nature as a lens to see yourself anew, grow again to appreciate yourself, and begin cultivating self-worth.

Within our Wilderness Program, you will be forced to rely on yourself and those around you. You will learn valuable survival skills, that pit you against nature—yes this can be intimidating, but our skilled and attentive staff will equip you with the skills that you need to survive and succeed, ultimately leaving you with a deep sense of satisfaction and sturdiness in the face of adversity.

Why is this so important? After an addiction, you might feel like you’ve lost control over your life. Our program will teach and empower you with self-sufficiency, increased communication and leadership skills, better team working abilities and a more adaptable demeanor.

These newfound mindsets, ambitions, and self-confidence will transcend the boundaries between treatment and your life beyond, elevating you to the new potential within many endeavors, whether it be in a relationship, educationally, vocationally, professionally or within your recovery.

Too often, an addicted person “just gets by.” Our program seeks to put an end to this, empowering you to embrace your life and potential, so that you may find long-lasting success, rooted in a drug-free lifestyle.

The Healing Power Of Nature

Before we delve into the specific ways that our program engages you, we want to share with you the very foundation of it—wilderness. Nature and wilderness settings promote personal growth through the introspection, reflection, challenges, serenity, versatility, and adaptability that you will be imbued with during your time within our beautiful and wild environment.

Texas Wilderness Drug Rehab Program Reflection TimeYes, you will have time to be quiet. Within recovery, it is crucial that each and every individual have ample time for reflection. In order to move forward, we need to fully understand from where we’ve come, and more importantly in the case of addiction, where we want to go. Take this time within the woods to reinstall yourself with dreams and ambitions, but beyond this, let the stress melt away as your mind clears while you watch a bubbling brook or a brilliant sunset.

Studies illustrate the vast benefit of spending a significant amount of time outside. Beyond this, specific research illustrates the benefit that wilderness programs have on individuals within drug rehab.

Originally published by the journal Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine, a publication titled “Promoting human health through forests: overview and major challenges,” tells us that “Forest environments promote humans’ mental and physical health in many ways: forests help in reducing stress and in recovering from attentional fatigue and generally forests strongly enhance both psychological and physical rehabilitation.” The study goes on to note that time within a forest may increase your immune system, lower your blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension, help to regain your ability to focus and decrease levels of the stress, notably manifested by a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol.

These things are all impactful when you consider the array of risks and damage that are incurred during an addiction, notably in relation to the aforementioned research, cardiac concerns, increased stress, trouble focusing and a decreased immune system.

We implore you to let yourself experience the healing qualities of nature, finding peace within the shadows and light of a forest, basking in the heat of the sun, being refreshed by the breeze and satisfied by the pull of a fish on your line.

Embark On A Mission Of Self-Sufficiency

Wilderness recreational activities are supported by research to be a proactive way to increase your wellbeing. One study, “The Role of Outdoor Recreation in Promoting Human Health” published by Indiana University, sums up the impact that our program can have on your life, as they note the benefit of engagement in these activities.

They state “Nature provides an unfamiliar and isolated environment that challenges its users, forcing them to master skills and work together to satisfy a variety of needs. During this process, users may gain a variety of positive outcomes such as improved fitness, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, and hardiness. These outcomes may be great assets when facing adversity and stress in reality as well as provide meaningful experience and build life-long interest.”

Here are the ways that The Treehouse’s Wilderness Program will guide you towards adventure and recovery:

  • Learn crucial rules of survival
  • Learn how to assemble an emergency survival kit
  • Education on plant and animal identification
  • Learn the how-to successful scavenge for wild foods
  • Fishing and fish trapping
  • Learn how to build a fire
  • Purify and filter water
  • Learn to trap and snaring skills, including those designed for small game
  • Build shelter, including a wood shelter and one designed for long-term use

Before we depart on our wilderness and survival excursion, our staff will make sure you are thoroughly educated on the outdoors, including the various dangers you might encounter.

Please be aware, our Wilderness Program will not detract from the other crucial components of our outstanding rehab program. This program will occur three days a week, two hours a day, culminating in a four hour Saturday, an off-campus trip that will push you towards utilizing the skills you learned in a new environment.

Texas Wilderness Drug Rehab Program Recovery Journey

This schedule allows for you to yet engaging yourself in our other evidence-based treatment modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, individual and group therapies, and a host of other methods and activities our facility offers, including mindfulness and stress management and art therapy.

Our program will instill a profound sense of perseverance, patience, and self-confidence, three things that will be elemental within your journey as you strive to ward off relapse and protect and maintain your recovery.

Get In Touch With Nature And More Attuned With Yourself

If you’re turned off by more conventional drug rehabs but are still desiring the hope and impact that a good program offers, look no further. Please don’t hesitate; take just a few minutes out of your day to learn more about the many benefits and vast excitement that The Treehouse’s Wilderness Program offers. Contact us today.

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